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Doodles and Mutterings
An Exercise in Futility
Starfruit (drabble, MoF) 
2nd-Feb-2014 09:44 pm
Crossposted on IJ for reasons.

Title: Starfruit
Author: babygray_dam
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Warnings: Typos. No beta.
Disclaimer: This is just fanfiction, non-profit and just for fun.
Notes: This was inspired by the fanfic100 prompt board, specifically prompt #57: Lunch. It's not a full story, just a drabble, really. And it's very much a 30-minute, barely-thought-out something/practice. Like a sketch. With words. And I'm not sure if Severus Snape even knows what a sweet tooth is...
Word Count: 426
Summary:Severus, busy at work, gets a package.

Severus was in the middle of preparations for afternoon classes when a bright blue cylindrical bag materialized at his elbow, an inch or two right above his bowl of ground doxy wings. It dropped before Severus could grab it, upsetting the bowl and filling the air with doxy wing dust before falling on its side and rolling into the pile of empty phials.

He covered his mouth against the dust and grabbed hold of the wide blue strap attached to the bag, lifting the thing off the table before it did even more damage to his property.

The preparations momentarily ruined, Severus cleared the whole mess with a wave of his wand and set the bag on a corner of the table far from his work.

Severus carefully unzipped the bag open, finding a stack of sealed plastic containers inside. Both the containers and the bag screamed Muggle; the thin white tag sewed into the inner seam of the bag only confirmed it. That did not stop Severus from casting several spells on the thick plastic containers.

There were no spells, curses, or hexes on them, however (at least, none that he could detect.) He gingerly took hold of the topmost container and popped the lid off.

The chopped fruit inside smelled ripe and sweet, its juices mingling on the bottom of the container. There were even what looked to be pieces of starfruit; Severus could not remember the last time he had eaten carambola and his stomach rumbled in anticipation.

The second container was hot to the touch and filled with a beef stew to thick Severus could eat it with his fingers. His mouth watered from the scent alone, which only unnerved Severus further.

The third and final container held a single thick slice of overly frosted Black Forest gateau. Severus swallowed the saliva filling his mouth and set the cake down.

A note appeared and floated down onto the now-empty doxy bowl. Severus snatched it, nearly tearing the tissue-thin paper.

The note only read, “It’s not poisonous,” in a jagged, messy hand and was signed with a “H”.

Severus’ cheeks warmed even as he scowled at the words. Even when miles away from Hogwarts, the hopeless twit ruined Severus’ hard work. He plucked the cherry off the top of the cake slice and sighed as the sweet juice filled his mouth. Nevertheless, there was no point in letting Potter’s lunch go to waste. He carefully folded the note and tucked it away in his robes before helping himself to the starfruit.
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