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Doodles and Mutterings
An Exercise in Futility
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I'm not exactly looking forward to the end of another year. All it means is dealing with regrets and making a whole new list of things to fail at.

I went a little... nuts last week. I usually spend my weekends watching MST3K, and one day, I ended up watching Master Ninja 1, an episode I avoid because, eww, crap TV series mascarading as a movie? Pass.

Watching it, though, gave me an idea for a fan video: splicing clips of Supernatural into the opening host segment, in which they talk about American muscle cars.

I spent most of this past week trying to make it, and most of my waking hours obsessing over it. It's always a bad idea when I want to make a fanvid, and doubly so when it distracts me from work and life. My computer hated it; it kept complaining that it was too old to deal with video editing. My SuperDrive hated it, refusing to read any of the DVDs I got specifically for this video.

On the other hand, it definitely reinforced my admiration for AMV and fanvid makers. All movie makers, really. I didn't really get how hard it was before trying to stitch together a movie for the first time.

I made it mostly to post on Tumblr, but a friend suggested I put it on Youtube as well.

... At least that's one less thing on my "shit to do eventually" list.
26th-Oct-2014 07:31 pm - (UN)Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

I love/hate this time of year. Finances are low due to lack of full time summer work, and work has been... really draining lately, but the delicious fall food and the fact that it'll soon be FREAKING HALLOWEEN has kept my spirits up.

God, I love Halloween. I get to dress up and watch cool movies and toss candy at random strangers. (I really can't do much of the last one around here; trick-or-treating isn't really a thing in Japan. ... So I'll just throw the candy at myself?) AND I have a legit reason listen to Halloween music and people won't look at me like I'M the weirdo for doing the Monster Mash.

Next week is the start of NaNoWriMo, and I think I'll be participating properly this time. Spent a bit of time today cleaning off my work desk in preparation, in fact. (Though... I should have spent that time warming up my atrophied writing muscles by writing something for the Snarry Mini Games or finishing off an old fanfic.)

Today's doodle: I finished it up in the middle of the night... and it kind of shows? Bigger version posted on dA.
12th-Sep-2014 08:51 pm - I Think I Need Rest
This week has been busy. I have forgotten how to deal with work, and I might have hit an energy upswing. It's the only thing I can think of to explain the current need to do something everyday.

(The only other reason I have is freaking Tumblr.)

I went insane and drew up a comic based on a Supernatural episode. Insane because I... think I wasn't so much doodling as painting, and I don't even know how to paint. (I am still ridiculously proud of myself.)

Today's doodle is based on "The Prince and the Merman". I've been thinking of writing out another version of the first draft for chapter 2. (That sounds more complicated than it should.) But I'm a coward, so I drew a picture of Snape as a merman instead of, you know, actually writing.

... I think I'm improving...
27th-Aug-2014 09:43 am - (Not So) Cruel Summer
I kind of wish there was still time. Or maybe I'm write one more post this week, just so that I can title it "Hot Times/Summer in the City".

This summer... It had been years before I actually had a good summer. I worked a few hours a week, which meant I didn't end up staying inside my little house for days on end, sweating my way into depression and boredom. I spent too much money, but all for the good cause of visiting Harry Potter Land and getting my grasping hands on a Sailor Uranus and a Sailor Neptune mini-figurine... because you CANNOT have one without the other.

I do regret not working hard on my WIP-pile. There had been days where I floundered with nothing/too much to do. On the other hand, my output during vacation time is about the same as my output during work time. And I got some things done (even if those things happen to be related to Bioshock Infinite's trophies) and had fun doing it. So... win/win?

Sketch is based on Supernatural 9.02 ("Devil May Care"). I've kind of decided to sketch something for each episode of season 9 over on Tumblr. I wish I thought of it back in April, when I started watching the series, but... meh. That's just something to look forward to when I watch it all a second time.
8th-Aug-2014 01:20 am - How is it ONE in the Morning!?!
Gosh... I wonder. What game have I been playing lately?*

The heat has been almost unbearable lately, but this summer hasn't been bad. I work for an hour or two every other day, which isn't a lot, but it keeps me from staying at home for weeks, going stir-crazy and depressed.

I have to get back to writing. I've been lazy, and reading/playing video games is easier. Hell, drawing is easier. Which means I'll have to spend the next two, three days writing, lest I start to feel really guilty.

But... that'll have to wait until I finish this, which I'm hoping will be the first "completed" drawing I've done since.... January?

Trip to Harry Potter Land is next week. A co-worker who had been to USJ recently said there was a 3-hour waiting time for the HP rides.

And here I am, planning to go at the peak of summer vacation. It's gonna be awful, isn't it...

*I love Bioshock Infinite's Lutece Twins, particularly Rosalind. ...I might have a weakness for "quirky" redheads in masculine wear. Honestly, I want her clothes, complicated underthings and all. (Does it look like she's holding that plate, or am I just being lazy again...)

The next chapter of "A Series of Events" went up on Friday. It should not have taken as long as it did, but, stuff got in the way. (Mostly my own insecurities, I think). That said, considering my track record, posting anything at all is worth celebrating.

Today's sketch, of course, has Nothing To Do with the story. I stayed up all night trying to draw something, only for this pose and this image to finally come to me this morning. I'm still having trouble drawing Snape for some reason, but what little you see of Harry came out not that bad, right?

Frankly, I just think Naked!Harry glomping Snape from behind is a cute/funny idea. Nearly based a story on that, before it turned all angsty and serious on me.

Completely unrelated except it totally is, as I was trying to draw anything last night, I caught an episode of Momo Kyun Sword. Just my luck, it was the beach episode?, and... I did not like it. (I have nothing against blushing boobs and butts; it's the interminable parade of boobs and butts and practically naked girls and women of all shapes and sizes and heroines with NO BRAS running and having their boobs bouncing painfully up into their faces with each step packed into 20-ish minutes that I kind of have a problem with.)

That said, <insert hypocritical joke here>.

When it comes to gettin' shit done during summer vacation, I have a terrible track record. This summer doesn't seem to be any different, but it's only been five days. Can't give up hope yet.

The first draft of the next chapter of "A Series of Events" was finished two weeks ago. I had planned to post the revised/edited draft by now, but I got distracted. (Oops.)

Harry Potter Land* over at Universal Studios Japan opened last week, which pretty much decided for me where I'm going this summer. The hotel's booked for mid-August/O-bon; I'm already dreading the peak season crowds and the timed entry tickets I'll probably have to buy.

*The official name's too much of a mouthful.

Doodle: I was trying something, and I failed/gave up at the last minute. It was very nearly some Snarry fanart, but I can't see Snape and Harry lying around like that. (I have a crappy imagination.) So they're expies of Snape and Harry? Totally different. ... I should have at least given them hands, huh.
1st-Jul-2014 11:13 pm - Blankity Blank Blank
It's been a rough couple of months. May was just awful, but June went pretty well, despite lack of money and near-constant rain. Hell, I wrote 4 whole pages this past month. That calls for a celebratory drink! (Chocolate milk and vodka.)

Worked on "A Series of Events" today, but my heart still isn't all that into it. My mind kept wandering to:

- The Half-Blood Prince movie, the first Potions class, and how more and more flustered the makeup people made Hermione look every time they cut to her. I get that it's to show how hard it is to brew the Draught of Living Death, and how easy of a time Harry was having with it, but it was so ridiculous that Hermione's flustered hair is all that I remember.

- What story had Severus berate Neville for nearly killing Harry in class? And by "berate", I mean verbally flay poor Neville alive for his exploding potion. I hate it when I forget the name of a story I really liked (or was at least memorable). (But I refuse to actually try to find it right now. I have enough distractions as it is without adding "needle in haystack search" to the list.)

... Guessing from my stray thoughts alone, it's not that hard to guess just what the next update of this too-long, too-old story is going to involve. I wish I had finished this story years ago.

... I should get back to working on it instead of complaining about it here, huh.

Sketch is a quickie of Castiel from Supernatural. I've been watching a lot of Supernatural lately.
29th-Apr-2014 12:12 am - Self-Trippage
My spring vacation was long and, aside from the knitting and my new interest in Supernatural, utterly forgettable.

April has been so completely jacked for me. Work started up on the 14th, but two weeks in, I still hadn't been able to re-find my footing. Hell, I had trouble just remembering the date, and that the month was nearly 2/3s over.

What's more, just as I got used to the 5-to-7 again, BAM, a super-extended Golden Week: 5 days off, plus 5 more because I'm so amazing. Because what I need the most right now is More Free Time.

Today's sketch is pretty much the first bit of semi-serious doodling I've done since January March. I don't know if I should finish it, or leave it, or color it, or go all sexy monochrome on it. I'm trying not to think of why I haven't really doodled anything in months.

Or, for that matter, why I haven't been able to sit down and write something lately. The fact that writing stresses me out and I'd rather do ANYTHING ELSE than try to put words to paper shouldn't be an excuse, but I can't overcome this fear of filling the blank page with bad writing or, worse than that, editing the blocks of really bad writing into something remotely good enough for consumption.

Can I even call myself a "writer" when I refuse to write at all?

Hell, I started sketching tonight to put off writing for a little bit longer. Although, it was nice channeling what meager creative juices I have into something. I kind of missed that.

... I really like her hair that shade of blue. Maybe a limited palette sort of thing? Blue, black, and a bit of red? Though I should clean and line it first, huh...
31st-Mar-2014 02:06 am - Knitting
I've been on vacation for over a week now, and it's been good. I've gotten around to working on a few of the many half-finished projects lying around the house. Writing, sewing projects, stacks of books to read and closets to clean out... I have a lot to do.

... Which is why I've spent most of my time on my ass, knitting a vest.

When I think about how much time I've spent on it this week, I feel terribly guilty (though not as guilty as when I spend several hours playing video games). Knitting is easier than making sewing patterns or sketching. It's something I can do while listening to the radio or my stupid telenovela. If the repetition didn't make my hands, shoulders, and eyes hurt so much, I could literally do it for hours on end.

Considering how much knitting I've done so far, I can safely say I have been doing just that.

I know that I'm using knitting as a way to avoid doing everything else. Writing demands too much, cleaning is boring and allergy-triggering, and that stack of books is downright formidable. There's just too much to do, and if I didn't focus on this one thing, I'll probably spend my time either flittering from one task to the next or staring off into space, too indecisive to do anything else.


That said, I made some progress with "A Series of Events" (Yay!), only to get sidetracked by, well, everything (Boo!). I am having trouble with the scene,, specifically the moment Snape and Potter face each other, each waiting for the other to speak, before they're interrupted, romcom-style, by a wild Weasley.

My doodling just gets better and better!

Considering the trouble I'm having with this precise moment, I wonder if I shouldn't just scrap the scene and try again. Cleaning the slate has helped my writing a lot more times than I can say. However, I don't think the whole scene is completely awful. It just needs work.

And I have to stop knitting to give it the attention it needs.
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